Authorization emailに関して

現在、コールバック認証に変わる「Authorization email」が追加されました。
その「Authorization email」の認証方法は以下の通りです。


件名:ORDER #************ – Callback via Email

Dear 申請者メールアドレス 

Please keep this email for you records.

We have received the request to issue a certificate registered under:
– Your company’s details:
             Company Name :申請団体名
             Street Address : 住所
             City : 市区町村
             State / Province : 都道府県
             Country : Japan
             Zip Code : 郵便番号
– Domains:

To complete the Certificate Request Verification for this certificate, please browse here:********************

and enter the following “email verification code”:

If neither you nor a trusted colleague made this request for a certificate, then please ignore this email.

    Thank you for being a valued Sectigo customer.



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